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Mass little post for everyone, because I don't think people really understand why my dolls cost so much to make. Also, apoxie seems to be the way to go, should you want to customize the body.

Other news, just finished my first exam, whoo. I was nervous as shit during lunch (this is a common symptom of KHS graduates everywhere), but got backscratches and hugs and scritchies from peoples, so I calmed down a little for it. Yay. I am free to say I think that was my hardest class of the semester.

p.p.s.- Wheeday, there is a good wigdye in existance after all.
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note: all factoids brought to you by: the King Cobra
Cobras and Forte facts you didn't know yet:
-have such a low hiss that it sounds like 'a dog's growl'
-courts mates or possible mates with nuzzling, formed mates are usually for life
-worshipped as guardians; there are several stories of wild cobras forming loyal friendships with certain people
-very scent oriented; mates will actually search each other out by the other's scent
And, oddly- while they have much better eyesight than other snakes or reptiles in general, they can't see 'royal purple'. >.>
...and, now I'm grasping. That's all of the useful facts for now. p.s.- the rare and elusive 'Forte hiss' isn't an actual hiss as much as a 'threatening huff' (there's different throat muscles at work here, you gotta trust me). The muscles involved with a hiss are the same as a growl, as proved with a king cobra's hiss. For those of you that can growl with the voicebox vibration, try moving that vibration up higher and you'll notice it hiss out. there is my rough example for the night. Kinda wish I could phonepost this and give a voice-example. Dam. Yeah, that trustmething? Do it again. x.x;;;;

Finally, since I should force myself some sleep now. I heart my friend ixx very dearly. Only the best of friends bitch about your scary stalkertypes.
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Posted with my laptop, because the wired 'net is slower than two gay turtles fucking and expecting pregnancy.
...I think I gain Forte's wonderful wit when my PMS kicks in. >.<

In any case, there was a class project a little while ago for Salt & Pepper shakers. That's it. the assignment and four pounds of clay. Soooo, I clayified (p.s.- my mother helped upload a couple because of said net connection's slowness, so pardon the hugeness of those two photos).
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The dates changed so today was the shipdate and tomorrow is the shelfdate, but OMFG CoM and X8 will be home safely tomorrow.

In random thoughts for extra gorepoints, concentrated Darkness Overload on one hand = great brainbusting like Scar in FMA. Mmmm, such happiness with navikilling.
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Probably grumpy because I was just awakened by a phone call for a roommate who's not here.

Alright, this is really getting priceless. Now, not only are our 'webhopper' accounts down as they have been for the past couple of weeks or more (these are deathly required to work, as they're our only way to find out our grades once it's all been turned in), but something is screwed with the teacher's e-mail. Oh, and just to keep the ball rolling, the net connection has been slower and more unreliable than it's ever been.

Finals week, and we can't talk to our teachers in a timely way or check our grades. Jesus christ.
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Nrrr... yay Rockman movie, but, eh... why does the sight of a Forte soul make me want to go kill myself? x.x;;;; I'm only letting it pass if it follows the manga's soul unison, where it's more of a soul steal. c.c; That would never happen though, it's probably going to be like, 'omfg I can't defeat Slur, Rock. Take my soul and save the daaaaaay... *death*'
OY. *gags*

In other news, Forte.EXE finds touch to be arousing, and notsomuch anything else. Eeeenteresting (this has even surprised me many many times. o.o).

*cacklesnort* And finally, in response to today's Stageselect newspost... *watches a replay of Forte breaking into SciLab with his robotmobile, walking PAST Netto and plugging in...FACEPALM*